Powerlines and Solar Farms

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This is a scenery add-on for Microsoft Flight Simulator in selected countries This add-on change the default MSFS pylons and add wires between them, increasing  the realism of flight. Solar farms are also included  





When you fly VFR, in real life, being near the ground leads to lot of dangers.

One of the most common one is the possibility you get caught in a power line (electricity transmission line)

MSFS has powerlines pylons, but no wire between them


With my addon I added the wires between each pylon for high voltage power lines (more than 60k volts).



Another thing that the sim was missing was Solar Panels / Solar Farms

So i did them! Basic implementation, but no more empy black-bluish fields



for further information go to the Powerlines and Solar farms page

3 reviews for Powerlines and Solar Farms

  1. erasam (verified owner)

    This addon is really a must for any VFR flying simmer

  2. theLazyGuy

    Essencial add-on for helicopter starts, landings, missions and more 🙂
    Also the wires are interacting with your rotor blades etc.
    Highly recommended.

  3. Marionettework

    This has been a core add-on for me ever since it came out. It’s an absolute must-have and it’s almost magical how it cleverly makes MSFS 2020 much better in so many places around the world.

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