Project Lifts

…something more on the top of the mountains…

With this add-on I’m trying to add a long-awaited feature that MSFS in actually missing
Basically, all cable cars, gondolas and chair lift, and also those strange mixed-lifts in the World’s Nothern Emisphere, click on the  RELEASED MAP for the complete list.

The project started as a nice addition to my Trento Mattarello (LIDT) Airport scenery, if haven’t downloaded it yet, this is the link:
There are some ski resorts in the nearby (well, in Italy we have lots!), and I thought it could be a nice idea taking off with the nice helis we now have and do some aerial work in lifts! After some tinkering, I thought it would have been a long work adding every lift manually, so I wrote myself an “automatic” tool to create the needed scenery placement files.


Cable cars, gondolas and chairlifts and the respective cables
Drag lits (skilifts, t-bars, j-bars and platter), without cables (not enough clearence from terrain)
Custom chairs, gondolas and cable cars cabin models, with some variations, chair type should be the correct one according to data source available, otherwise I’m throwing a random one
Custom pylons and stations models (more variation will come, this is the easy part!)
Night illumination on the ski slopes where appropriate
Full PBR texturing, optimized fully custom 3d models with lods
Coverage: all the world!

The only way to place cable and cabins in the right position is having the precise altitude of the pylons and station.
At the moment I have no way to obtain altitude directly from MSFS, so I have to take it from a different source. I have tried using Bing elevation data, Google elevation Data, SRTM1 and ODP1, they are all good but no one match closely the msfs mesh.
If you look closely, you will find a lot of pylons soaked into the ground or floating a few centimeters above. The same will happen to the cables that should be attached to the stations (i can attach the cable to the station but this will lead to floating/buried stations, not the pleasant) .
If you don’t like them, you can download the version without cables (and pylons snapped to ground) here:
Anyway, you are not supposed to fly that near to cables…..aren’t you?


Aerialway Pylons

Chairs And Cabins

Total objects added!



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The cables are not always connected to stations and pylons are buried or floating !
See above, I need to find a way to obtain MSFS altitude (mesh) data at design time

My favorite lift is missing!
Tell me where It is and I will try to fix it,

Double pylon, wtf?
Could be a source error, please help me to fix. Or, could be another scenery package